PositionTeamDriver # - Driver NameCarTimeCompetition YearWinner
1GO 4 IT Racing Schools#41 - Michael Pettiford2006 Chevy Corvette Z063:132016**RECORD**
2016 Winner!
2MAC Autosport#21 - Adam McMahan1990 Nissan 240sx3:212016
2GO 4 IT Racing Schools#41 - Michael Pettiford2010 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport3:2120152015 Winner!
3GO 4 IT Racing Schools#41 - Michael Pettiford2006 Chevy Corvette Z063:2320142014 Winner!
4MAC Autosport#21 - Adam McMahan1990 Nissan 240sx3:272015
5Mo-Fab#415 - Scott Molitor2000 Subaru Impreza RS3:362014
6Sarian Motorsports#444 - Chris Sarian2000 Audi S43:382014
7Flying Horse Motorsports#17 - Dan Aweida2008 Ford Mustang FR500S3:402014
8Flatirons Tuning#429 - Scott Crouch2014 Subaru WRX3:452015
9Mac Autosport#21 - Adam McMahan1990 Nissan 240sx3:472014
10A-Spec Rally Team#300 - Andy Kingsley2004 Subaru STi3:522015
10SCR Performance#28 - Mark Baer1998 Audi A43:522014
10Bryan Curtis#34 - Bryan Curtis1999 Chevy Camaro3:522014
11GruppeQ#5 - David Hackl1983 Audi Quattro3:552015
12GO 4 IT Racing Schools#42 - Robert Pinkerton2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP3:592014
13GruppeQ#12 - David Hackl1988 Audi4:012016
14A-Spec Rally Team#300 - Andy Kingsley2004 Subaru STi4:032014
15Big Orange#20 - Joshua Fitzpatrick2007 Volkswagen Jetta4:062016
16Safari Racing#51 - Leyla Safari1998 BMW M34:112015
17Elan Racing#72 - Richard Hockert1966 Austin Healey5:382014
17Geezers#6 - Jim Weigle1984 Toyota Corolla5:382016
18Hanksville Hot Rods#504 - Clarissa Padilla1996 BMW M36:492014




Frequently Asked Questions


How much is it?
Price structure varies depending on your class; Touring is $350 and Competition is $500.

How do I sign up?
Download the Racer Packet & read through the rules first to determine your class, then head over to the Racer Registration Page to secure your spot online.

How many runs will I get?
We will be running cars as many times as we can fit in our given window! If everyone is safe and racing goes smooth, it’s safe to expect multiple runs.

How many cars will there be?
We’re capping the racer count to 150 participants total between the two classes, so don’t delay.

Will my car qualify?
Read through the rules for the necessary info.  Touring class is pretty simple to qualify for.  The competition class requires more safety and experience.

Can I practice on the road?
Yes, there’s a practice/qualifying session before race day; this is mandatory for COMPETITION Class to attend.  This gives you the opportunity to experience the road prior to race day.

Prizes change year to year – racers watch your emails for information about this year’s prizes!

Sorry, not this year.

I have expensive tools and gear for my race car, where can I store them?
We have a large lot only for racers and staff; it will be blocked off to the public.

Why not more classes?
For our first few years, we want to keep things as simple and streamlined as possible.  Following years will likely see more diversity in available racing classes.

Will there be drifters?
Yes!  We have the drifters who will participate already chosen, and they will close the event in spectacular fashion!

Have a question that hasn’t been answered?
Feel free to email us at Sales@PITRally.com



How much is it to come?
It’s completely FREE to come and spectate the race, as well as experience all of the vendors and attractions in Central City.  We invite you come out and enjoy all that PIT Rally has to offer!

Where can I watch?
You can spectate almost anywhere you would like along the entire parkway, but please remember you’re standing on private property and to plan ahead of time.  We also have free shuttles running people back and forth to Main St and KOA Campground which is near the finish line.  Visit our Experience the RACE page for more information as it becomes available.

Restrooms/Facilities on the Parkway?
Yes, though only at the finish line where our shuttles stop.  If going to another less crowded area for spectating, please plan ahead.

Can I bring my entire family?
Absolutely!  It’s FREE and there will be a lot to do, including a fantastic race to watch, vendors, food, and nice cars.  But also, please remember that the local casinos do have to obey age limit laws for entering, so not all local businesses will be able to accommodate children or young adults under 21.

There will be a fire ban along the Parkway during the event, actively monitored by corner marshals, fire crew, and police officers. We were told if spectators were caught smoking, hefty fines will be given.

Where do I park?
For the race; there will be NO parking anywhere on the parkway.  You must come before the road closes, and plan ahead to drop off/pick up after the road reopens.  There are some beautiful vantage points to take advantage of, but please plan ahead and come prepared.

For the event; this is a first come, first serve basis.  Parking will be limited, but there are options. Many businesses have opened their grounds for parking, such as the KOA campground to fit a few hundred cars.  If all else fails and you can’t find a spot, there will be parking available in Black Hawk with free shuttles running to Central City.

I’m a member/president of a car club and we would like park together, can we do so?
We do have VIP parking available, call (303) 800-0280 for more information and availability.



How much are booths?
Booths start at $450 per 10’x10’ with discounts given at 4 booths purchased (IE: to fit display vehicles).  Please visit our Vendor Registration page to register.

How many people are you expecting?
We’re expecting ~10,000 attendees this year.  This expectation is based on our previous event’s attendee numbers, as well as how large the car community is in Colorado.  Also, it’s FREE for spectators to attend, so this drives up the count substantially compared to pay-to-enter events.  This number will continue to grow as PIT Rally grows.

How many booths will there be?
We have space for ~150 booths; all placed on high traffic areas including several parking lots and streets.

Where will vendors park?
We have a lot that will be for staff and vendor parking.  As space is limited, 1 parking pass per vendor will be given so please consolidate as much as possible.  This lot will be closed to the public.

What else should I know before signing up?
Visit our Vendor Information & Rules page for more info, most other questions can be answered there. If more questions, feel free to email Sales@PITRally.com.