WarBird Auto Show



The WarBird Auto Show is an evolution of the beloved Classic Aircraft & Car Show at the Front Range Airport!  Featuring the nicest cars in the region, mixed with classic aircraft and military vehicles, it’s fun for the whole family!




July 22nd

8am – 2pm



We honor our fallen soldiers and celebrate the freedoms they fought for. 


Only $20 per vehicle!

Military Gets in for $10!

Event starts at 8am – 2pm





Front Range Airport

Watkins, CO


Opportunities to be a vital part of the WarBird Auto Show are available!  

Click the link below for the Sponsorship Packet – Including all the details you need to make the right choice for you.

WBAS Sponsor Packet



Car Clubs Welcome

to join us


If you have a car that you’re proud of, bring it out and spend the day with car enthusiasts from all over the region! Register Below


Support the event and promote your product/services to the masses! 


Call: (303) 800-0283


SWAP MEET VENDORS – Please Call (800)224-6918!


WarBird Auto Show


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  • Legal Stuff

    You knew it was coming...please agree to our Terms of Service so everyone in our legal department can be happy.

    1. I acknowledge that participating in a car/motorcycle show may involve risk of injury, death or property damage. With the full understanding of the potential risk, I hereby assume the risk of participating in the car/motorcycle show. I, in consideration of the acceptance of me by the WarBird Auto Show as a participant, do for myself, my heirs, assigns and personal representatives, hereby, release and forever discharge any and all liabilities, claims, losses, demands, costs, expenses or rights of action, of whatever kind or nature, which I have or which may hereafter accrue to me against the WarBird Auto Show, Front Range Airport, PIT Rally and Adams County, CO or their respective officers, employees, agents, administrators, members, sponsors, promoters, or affiliates, arising from or by reason of any bodily or personal injury or property damage which may be sustained by me directly or indirectly in connection with my participation in any aspect of the WarBird Auto Show. I agree, for myself and successors, that this Agreement and Release of Liability contains the entire agreement between myself and the WarBird Auto Show, PIT Rally, Front Range Airport, Adams County and that the terms hereof are contractual and not a mere recital. I agree not to sue any of the persons or entities listed above for any of the claims or liabilities that I have waived, released or discharged herein. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the persons or entities mentioned above from any claims made or liabilities assessed against them as a result of my actions. In consideration of the rights and privileges granted to me by allowing me to participate in the WarBird Auto Show, by agreeing to this Agreement and Release of Liability, I certify that: 1) I have read and completed all sections of the registration information form; 2) I have read and understand the Agreement and Release of Liability; 3) I have liability insurance for any car or motorcycle that I may enter into the show as required by Colorado law; and 4) I understand that I have given up substantial rights.


Photo Credit: Rockit West Motorsports Media & Design | Paul Langlois | Jim Sayre